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Acid-Reflux Remedies

There are many acid reflux remedies available, and it seems like there are more being released every day. Although there are plenty of prescription medicines to treat acid reflux, or heartburn as it is often called, more and more it seems that people are turning to acid reflux home remedies as an alternative to these kinds of treatments. I am not really sure why this is so, but  acid reflux remedies made of herbs, minerals, and the like are more and more popular as time passes. This seems strange to me, as many of the traditional over the counter acid reflux remedies are made of pretty natural stuff anyway. I have heard that tums is basically chalk, and I have even heard of activated charcoal being used successfully as an  acid reflux remedy. So why all of this searching for alternatives when many of the common choices seem to work so well?

An even more important question is: why not use one of the best  acid reflux remedies available? By that I mean, why not use a sane, healthy diet that creates less stomach acid. This seems to be the best of the  acid reflux remedies which I have come across so far, and I can not be the only one out there who thinks so. Eating a lot of grains, fresh vegetables and a few fruits, and little fat or grease or meat, can do a lot to treat heartburn. Making sure that you do not overeat, and that you have several small meals over the course of the day rather than just having one great big one can also work wonders for your acid reflux. But no. People would rather go on just as they always have, eating foods that simply are not that good for them, and then treating the symptoms with  acid reflux remedies, instead of the cause, which is simply unhealthy eating habits. It is enough to make you sick about some people, if you ask me!

Of course, some people really do suffer from acid reflux disease for other reasons than just poor dietary habits. If you are one of these people, and are simply the victim of an overactive stomach, then there is nothing else for it than to treat your condition with the remedies that you find. Otherwise, you are at risk of all kinds of other health problems caused by the excessive stomach acid.